We create transformative technologies that allow growing fresh, vitamin-packed food locally and sustainably.


Click & Grow is working towards making the most essential, fresh, vitamin-packed food free for everyone on this planet. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy clean fresh food and thrive.

We’re moving towards our goal through offering high-quality indoor gardens and food growing systems that support our dream of building large, self-sustainable farms to locations where they are needed the most.

From Hong Kong to Alaska, our indoor gardens have proven to provide people with the perfect starting point of growing their own fresh food and taking back control over what they put in their body. You are what you eat.

With over 350 000 indoor gardens and farms sold to date, our community has thousands of active members who started growing fresh food at home to enjoy a cleaner and a more balanced diet through sustainable methods.

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The three pillars of Click & Grow

Encouraging and enabling local food production

Inspiring conservation of nature through educational products

Promoting clean & organic food consumption

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