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The Click & Grow 25

The Click & Grow 25 allows you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle full of the freshest, most nutritious home-grown leafy greens.

  • It takes care of watering, lighting and the connected app helps you track your plants and receive tips on how to grow the most bountiful greens.
    Although suitable for all Click & Grow plants, its patented tray system is specifically designed for growing leafy greens in a seamless planting and harvesting cycle. Insert plant pods from one end, harvest from the other. Continuously. You’ll always have healthy greens to add to your dishes.What you’ll get:
  • Continuous weekly harvest of leafy greens
  • Modular indoor garden made of high quality natural oak and metal
  • App to maintain a steady 5-week growth & harvest cycle
  • App-controlled grow-lights and humidity sensor
  • Complimentary set of 54 plant pods so you can start growing right away: 9x Leaf Mustard, 9x Red Kale, 18x Romaine Lettuce, and 18x Green Lettuce plant pods.
  • Compatibility with add-ons: fan and protective glass kit, storage drawer and shelf
  • Click & Grow 25 is built to be the most seamless solution for enjoying premium quality leafy greens on a daily basis.

Original price was: R13,999.00.Current price is: R11,999.00.Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


The user-logic of the Click & Grow gardens is similar to that of Nespresso and Keurig capsule coffee machines only instead of coffee pods, we offer plant capsules with a variety of seeds. Our seedpods are biodegradable and don’t contain any GMO’s, herbicides or pesticides. Clean, fresh, homegrown.


24/7 access to the freshest ingredients

From leafy greens to salads to fruits, you can grow anything you want.

Waste less, Harvest more

We use 95% less water than traditional agriculture while offering faster growing cycles. Grow 365 days a year.

Get produce you can feel good about eating

No more cheap, mass-produced food that sacrifices taste and nutrients. Grow high-quality nutrient-dense greens at home.

Avoid GMO’s, pesticides and herbicides

We don’t use any harmful substances.

  • Each module comes with 6 trays – 1 you can use for harvesting or storing the herbs you plan to harvest and 5 to always have in the garden producing new greens.
  • Measurements:
    W: 29.72 in x H: 20.1 in x D: 16.9 in
    W: 75.5 cm x H: 51 cm x D: 43 cm
  • Floor area: 3.2 sq ft | 0.3 m2.
  • Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
  • 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray (5×5)
  • Vertically stackable; 3 modules max
  • Two finishes/colours available – choose between oak wood + white panels or oak wood + black panels

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